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Great Ways for Siblings Sharing a Room to Stay Organized

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Custom closet for kids. Siblings shared room.

Sharing a room may not always be easy for your kids and teens, and they may feel a lack of privacy or individuality. However, sharing a space teaches your child and teen about how to compromise and show respect for others. As a parent, it can be difficult to keep your children’s room organized especially if your children are sharing a space. Here at More Space Place, we can help with designing a shared space that helps everyone stay organized.

Implement a Custom Closet

Having a custom closet in your children’s bedroom is one of the best ways for siblings to keep track of their clothing, shoes, and accessories. An organized closet space means less time is spent digging through drawers looking for clothes in the morning. You can decide to install a small custom closet for each sibling or, you may decide to install one larger closet and divide the space as needed. At More Space Place, we specialize in custom closet design for kids and teens.

Custom closet for kids. More Space Place.

Dedicate Their Spaces with Room Organizers

Allow each child or teen to have their own space for shoes, hats, and clothing. Using functional storage is a great way to further divide the space. Dividers help break up the space and allows for more privacy between siblings. Another great idea is to install custom room organizers such as hooks and cubbies for each child.

Organized kid's room.

Show Off Their Personalities with Shelving

Sharing a bedroom will be a lot easier for kids if they can add their own personal touches. Spend a day with your kids as they choose their own bed linens, and hang up fun artwork suited to each individual’s taste. Install custom shelving on each side of the room too and let your children express themselves by displaying their favorite items whether it’s sports trophy or framed concert tickets.

Kids colorful artwork.

Add Splashes of Color Coordination

Don’t forget to add some fun and color! To help stay organized, you can choose to color coordinate any bins, shelving, and closet space. You can help your kids by printing fun individualized labels for their toy bins, books, or gaming systems. This is also a great way for kids to learn where to place things in their room to keep it neat.

Color coordinated organization bins. Kids play room.

Double Up With Wall Beds

Lastly, consider installing custom Murphy beds in your kid’s bedroom. This functional piece is the perfect solution for rooms limited by space. During the day the beds can be folded up and hidden which allows your children to play, have friends over, and get homework done. When it’s time for bed, kids can easily pull down the bed and get a good night’s rest.

Kids Murphy Bed/wall bed. More Space Place.

Get Your Children Organized Today!

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