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Guest Room Storage Solutions

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Murphy Bed and Desk

As we enter into the holiday season, friends and family will be traveling to visit and stay in your home. While it is exciting to have the opportunity to see each other again, having good storage in your guest room can be a struggle. Especially if the room is used for multiple uses, you may find it is hard to provide a comfortable space for your loved ones to stay in without sacrificing a functional space for you to use once they leave. More Space Place has solutions for you! Check out these storage creating solutions and consider installing them in your home today.

Murphy Bed

A Murphy Bed is an excellent addition for any multi-use spare room. You have the ability to fold down the bed for guests to have a comfortable sleeping arrangement. Once they have gone home, tuck the bed away and regain full use of the room. Custom Murphy Beds can be made with built-in desks, shelving, drawers, lighting, and more. Use these benefits to your advantage for a guest room that is easy to set up and a home office that is easy to reclaim.

Custom Closet

The closet storage system you have can make a big difference in keeping your spare bedroom organized. Consider what you use the room for and if a standard closet hanging rod and shelf is meeting those needs. For a home office, more shelving and drawers could be useful for storing paperwork and office supplies. For a kids playroom, adjustable shelving will hold your kids’ toys and can change to accommodate their changing interests as they grow. For the room to double as a guest room, a hanging rod across half the closet will accommodate guests while maximizing storage potential.

After a year of not seeing many loved ones, it is exciting to go into a holiday season with more ability to see our loved ones safely. Take out one stressor of the holiday season by making your spare bedroom more guest friendly and storage savvy. Contact your local More Space Place today to get started with your custom home storage solutions!