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Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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It’s cleaning day again! The house is a wreck, you’ve got lots to do, and the last thing you need is a headache from harsh cleaning chemicals. To save your head—and your sanity—we’ve compiled a list of our most handy natural cleaning tips and tricks – with a little help from Pinterest, of course!



  • Spray a baking soda and vinegar mixture in your tub, shower, or sink to remove soap scum
  • Use a lemon cut in half to scrub away hard water stains from faucets.
  • Mix a half cup of baking soda and two gallons of water to easily remove grime from tile grout.



  • Line refrigerator drawers with newspaper to absorb odors from fruits and vegetables
  • Use crumpled up aluminum foil to remove stuck-on food from glass baking dishes
  • Polish your stove-top with car wax. Surfaces will stay shiny and spills will be easily wiped up


Around The House:

  • Run a hot iron over paper sprinkled with salt to clean this laundry necessity regularly.
  • Add 2 antacid tablets to a water-filled vase to get rid of bouquet residue in less than 2 minutes.
  • Wipe down TV screens and computer monitors with a coffee filter to trap dust and keep surfaces scratch free.


The average person spends a year and a half in the bathroom and six years in the kitchen throughout their lifetime.  Use this list to spend less time cleaning these rooms and more time enjoying life! Follow More Space Place on Pinterest for helpful cleaning tips, DIY ideas, and much more.