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How a Custom Office Can Improve Your Productivity

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With the rise of telecommuters, remote work, and startups, having a productive space at home to work is crucial. Working at your kitchen table, although comfortable and familiar, can often lead to disorganization and distraction. Don’t allow your home to take away from the time that you could spend being productive in your job. Here at More Space Place, we want to help you build the home office you need and deserve. Our custom designs allow you to find the perfect solution for your work, no matter the space or the budget. Let’s take a look at a few of the many ways a custom home office can improve your productivity.

Home Office Design More Space Place


When you’re working from home, you don’t always have the luxury of a fully equipped desk all to yourself. Your home office desk might also be a coloring space for your kids and a reading nook for your partner. Stay organized with sleek drawers and cabinets that can hold all the important documents and items you need on a daily basis. Our personalized designs will focus on the space you value most, and maximize the opportunities you have to stay organized.



Our homes are the spaces we associate with unwinding, relaxing, and, usually, forgetting about work. This doesn’t bode well if your home is also your office. Having a space designated for getting focused will change your outlook on work everyday. We understand everyone is different and while you might like to look out a window, your neighbor might prefer to be tucked away in a corner of the home. Think about your ideal working space and allow us to build it for you. Start with the desk, imagine how much storage you will need, find features you enjoy, and voila! Your dream home office will come true.



Everyone wants his or her job to feel glamorous and exciting. However, working from home can often encourage rolling right out of bed and into your chair. With a sleek and elegant home office from More Space Place, you’ll want to get dressed so you’re ready to tackle the day. A well-designed office space can inspire you to be more excited, productive, and creative in your job. Whether you want warm wood, modern metal, or a contemporary colored finish, we can help you fill your home office with your own personal style.


The addition of a home office will completely change the way you work. Start by scheduling a design consultation with a More Space Place expert to view popular desk units and customizable features. Find a location near you and call today!


Photo Credit: © KatarzynaBialasiewicz