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How Custom Furniture & Built-Ins Can Improve Your Life

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Park avenue wall bed and desk

Park avenue wall bed and desk

Imagine homes that you’ve seen online that feature plenty of storage. Maybe you’ve seen bookcases nestled under the stairs. Or maybe you admire that entertainment center that perfectly fits the width of a living room wall. Or perhaps it’s a storage bench tucked underneath a bay window. 

Whatever you may see, we know that more and more homeowners are gravitating towards custom-built and built-in furniture – and for a variety of reasons. Here’s a look at three ways that custom furniture and built-ins can improve your life.


First of all, there’s no denying the stylish look of a custom or built-in piece when it’s done correctly and professionally. And being that something that’s custom built is typically done to fulfill a specific need – whether it be visual aesthetics, practicality, etc. – a piece such as this can really help to bring the room of a home together, thereby making it a more inviting and enjoyable place to spend time. 

At More Space Place, we offer a number of durable materials in different finishes and colors to fit your style.


With space typically at a premium in the average American home, custom furniture and built-ins can add convenience in addition to beauty. For instance, bookcase shelves and entertainment centers can be crafted to keep everything from knick-knacks to game consoles, and drawers and cabinets can also keep additional supplies and tools within easy reach. Our built-in furniture can be created in all areas of your home to keep all of your items at hand when you need them. 

White custom media center More Space Place


Finally, custom furniture and built-ins are practical. They don’t just look great and offer convenience, but they often help save floor space within the home, add value, and keep the home better organized. Let’s face it, most families are busy these days and free time is often scarce. Furniture and built-ins can offer enhanced functionality and help keep a floor plan less cluttered and more open. Because most built-ins and custom pieces can serve multiple functions, the home is able to operate more efficiently when it is integrated properly.

Customized furniture and built-ins are able to offer value that your average flat pack furniture cannot, thereby improving the functionality of your home and your life. Complete your home with More Space Place! From custom closets to our best-selling Murphy beds and home office solutions, our local designers can’t wait to learn more about you and your unique storage needs.