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How To Build A Home Gym In Your Garage

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Home Gym Garage

Gym memberships can be expensive and fruitless when they go unused. You can solve both of these problems by placing a gym in your garage. At More Space Place, we want to help you create the most functional home fitness center by focusing on three important aspects below. 


With limited floor space, you will need to selectively choose exercise equipment that is most compatible with your workout plan. Consider your fitness goals and plan accordingly. While dumbbells are likely essential, a treadmill or squat rack may be optional depending on your workout routine. Some home gym centerpieces include adjustable dumbbells set, kettlebells or resistance bands for important exercises such as squats, lunges or curls. For bodyweight training, a yoga mat will be your best friend. 


Once you have a working list of equipment to purchase, the next step is to build a garage storage organization system. Most garages can only fit two large-scale machines such as a squat or bench press racks. As a result, you may need to downsize to optimize your space. Two great storage units are dumbbell racks or wall-mounted furniture such as barbell hooks and weight plate trees since they can hold a multitude of items. Storing large-scale equipment in a small space can be challenging, but there are numerous ways to accomplish this task. You just need to be creative! 

Air Ventilation

These spaces are not designed to help maintain proper air flow. In addition, the sweat and heat from working out can make air ventilation a real concern. The good news is that there are two simple methods to improve your home gym experience. 

Open the garage door when training. That way, cooling breezes can come in and hot air will circulate outwards. While fans and air conditioning units create more cool air, they don’t help the warm air escape.

You can also clean your garage. Humidity and moisture are the perfect combination for mold and bugs to grow especially when left unattended. This often leads to poor air quality and airborne contamination which can pose serious health problems. Vacuuming, dusting and mopping frequently around the garage can help prevent these infestations. 

Ready to Design your Own Gym?

You now have all the tips and tricks to start building the ideal garage gym. At More Space Place, our experts are ready to jump in to make this happen. Call today to schedule a free consultation