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It’s Time to Clean Out Your Kitchen Junk Drawer – Here’s How

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If it feels like you always need more storage room in your kitchen pantry, consider the spaces in your kitchen which you might not be utilizing as well as you could be. Yes, that means the black hole that is the junk drawer! If you’re at a loss for how to regain control of your kitchen junk drawer so that you can create more space for pantry storage, read on for our helpful guide.

Take everything out – that’s right, everything.

The first step to purging your junk drawer is taking everything out of it. Then you’ll be able to get a better idea of what you’re dealing with and selectively chose what you want to put back in with logistical ease. This also helps to identify those items that actually do have a place other than the kitchen such as loose change or lip balm.

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Separate anything you’ve used in the last two weeks

These are the commonly used items that you always find yourself digging through the junk drawer for. These should be kept in a more accessible and more organized place, like a basket by the front door, a hook on the wall, or on a pullout shelf.

Store specialty items or tools in an accessible but out-of-the-way place

These are things you likely use once every few months but can’t throw away, like nails, tape-rulers or extra extension cords.  They should be put in a storage capsule someplace nearby but where it doesn’t take up otherwise useful space, such as under the sink or in the garage.

Resist the urge to keep those takeout menus

In fact, this goes for pretty much all of the bundled-up receipts, pieces of paper, or instruction manuals you might have. If you haven’t looked at them in the last three months, and it’s not something you need to file for your records, toss it in the trash. Anything else you can’t remember the last time it was used should either be donated or discarded of as well—you don’t need the clutter!

Use dividers to keep the drawer organized in future

Now you can begin putting back the things that belong in the drawer, or use the space as additional kitchen pantry storage for things like spices or table settings. To make sure disorganization doesn’t overtake your drawer again use helpful dividers which create a more organized layout and stop future chaos.

Get started today

If your kitchen or pantry is over-cluttered and messy, take the first step towards getting organized and find a More Space Place showroom near you with our online store locator. Our experts will be able to find the solution that works for you so you can Make Room For Life®!