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How To Create A Productive Home Office

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Custom Home Office from More Space Place

More and more jobs can be done online, which means that we can set up shop practically anywhere with an Internet connection. This telecommuting trend has changed many company dynamics, and it has also transformed how we use our homes.

If you telecommute, say farewell to the mess created by attempting to find the most productive corner. Upgrade from a dingy desk or dining table to a home office from More Space Place! Our custom-designed units will give you the ultimate place to focus, organize, and work every day without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Define Your Space

Drop Down Desk in Custom Home Office Staying focused is key when it comes to your home office. Though there will be fewer distractions from officemates walking or talking all day, different distractions can arise when your living and work areas become intertwined. For example, you may be tempted to tackle that seemingly never-ending list of household chores, have trouble focusing your attention when the kids are home, or you may want to finish the latest episode of your favorite TV show. To avoid these productivity roadblocks, make sure your home office has a degree of separation from the rest of your house so that you can really hone in on the tasks at hand. Whether you have the space to give your home office four walls or want to simply hide it behind a room divider, marking your space is crucial to compartmentalizing it as an office rather than just another room in your home.

Design Your Desk

The benefit of a custom home office from More Space Place is that we can design your desk to fit your needs and style. Consider the items you need most during the workday and we will build around it. De-clutter your workspace by including filing cabinets for loose papers and important documents, drawer organizers for supplies, and wire collectors to keep cables off your desk. If maximizing your space is essential, we can build a drop-down desk that can be tucked away when not in use to conserve floor space and keep clutter out of sight. You have the option to optimize this space to work with you and your needs. Speak with a More Space Place design associate to plan out your perfect office.

Give It A Personal Touch

Custom Home Office from More Space PlaceIf you intend to work from home five days a week, it’s important to make the space feel comfortable and personalized. Include shelving for photos and decorative elements that speak to your own style. A good way to keep your home office feeling like an office is to keep the décor simple and neat. Don’t overcrowd your space or you’ll run the risk of having to clean it up multiple times a week. Lastly, we offer a variety of colors and materials for custom desks. Choose the one that matches your personal aesthetic and you will feel more comfortable working at your desk every day.

Browse some of our solutions and designs to get inspiration for your own space.

A custom home office from More Space Place will improve the way you work and help you stay organized and focused. We guarantee that you’ll love your new office and we even offer installation. The road to productivity starts today! Call for a free in-home design consultation and estimate.