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How To Create The Perfect Reading Nook

reading nook with custom book storage More Space Place
Cozy reading nook with book storage More Space Place

With colder weather, nothing is better than sitting down with a good book. Instead of curling up in the living room near the tempting TV, find a space in your home to convert into your own cozy reading nook! With just a few steps you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect reading space.


Before you start to pile your books up, you’ll need to find a cozy space in your home to create your nook. If you’re in a small space, look for unused or underused corners, or areas where you could easily add a chair. If you have the ability to take over a larger area in your home, consider finding a space where you could add two chairs, or a bench with storage. Wherever you decide to create your nook, be sure to minimize outside distractions, like the TV or high traffic areas.

Book Storage & Furniture

Creating a reading nook requires adequate book storage and comfortable sitting solutions. Finding dual purpose furniture, like storage benches, or ottomans is a great way to tuck books away. Finding a bookcase or open storage solutions are also great ways to display your books, and make for easy access. More Space Place has many options for custom storage and display solutions. You’ll also need to invest in a comfy chair or some sort of seating option that will be nice to sit in for the duration of your reading time, or book. In addition to book storage and comfortable seating, be sure to add a small coffee table, or side table so you can put your book or coffee down. If you can, find a table that can also act as a storage solution. Like a coffee table with two shelves.

Soft Lighting & Coziness

After finding the space and book storage, it’s time for some decor elements to set the mood. To create a cozy, functional reading space, try for soft lighting options. A standing lamp, or table lamp is a perfect lighting option to give you reading light easy on your eyes, while creating a library feel. Next, find a comfortable throw blanket and a few throw pillows you’ll enjoy cuddling up with. For an extra cozy feeling, add a warm scented candle and other small decor elements. Creating a cozy, styled ambiance for the reading nook will help immerse yourself in your book and set it apart from other areas in your home.

Creating a comfortable, functional reading nook is the perfect project to try in your home. Take the time to invest in a space to relax and nestle down with your favorite book this winter season.  Adding storage and book display options can be made easy with More Space Place. Contact More Space Place today for a consultation with a local designer today!

Photo Credit: © Jay Mantri