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How To Customize Your Kid’s Closet

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Kids Closet Storage

Even though kids’ clothing is small and easy to store away, there will come a day when their clothing starts to get bigger. As a result, storage will become limited. How do you go about finding more space? What are the best storage solutions to expand their closet space? At More Space Place, we want to help you find the perfect storage solutions so that your kid’s closet grows with them.

Wall Mounted Drawers

Wall-mounted drawers give you extra space to store pants or shirts that you don’t have enough hangers for or you would rather store out of sight. When kids are younger and don’t have too many pieces of clothing, the drawers can also come in handy for storing toys out of sight. Adding drawers inside their closet allows for additional space around the bedroom for other decorations or room to play. Wall-mounted drawers will also give you extra space to store oversized items underneath. Our wall-mounted drawers can come in various sizes and colors to match any room’s aesthetic or closet storage needs.

Adjustable Shelving 

Adjustable shelving isn’t just for clothing storage but can be for jewelry, a makeshift bookshelf, accessory storage, or a place to store all the shoes your kids collect over the years. As your kids grow, they collect a lot of belongings that they will need storage for. With adjustable shelving, you don’t have to stick to one style of closet storage. You can adjust the shelving to the height necessary to store each type of shoe your kid owns neatly and not all scattered across the floor. There can be a specific spot for all the different accessories or other items that need to be stored away. The storage possibilities with adjustable shelves are endless.  

Multiple Closet Rods

You can never have enough closet rods throughout your closet. We’ve all collected too much clothing throughout the years and run out of space. So, installing multiple closet rods would be a big help for your kid over the years. Plus, having numerous closet rods in the closet can help spread out all the clothing they own and make it easier to find what they are looking for.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Closet Space?

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