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How to Design Your Perfect Closet

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custom dream closet with bench

Old closet storage or organization not working out anymore? Looking to reimagine your current walk-in closet? Want to finally have your dream closet? Creating your perfect closet is an extremely achievable goal. Follow these steps to create the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality to meet your closet needs!

Know Your Style

Before any kind of layout planning can happen, you need to find and know your style or the style you want. Research different closet looks and aesthetics. Do you want an elegant walk-in closet that feels like a place of refuge? Along with a redesign of your storage systems, consider adding an armchair, a cozy throw blanket, and a basket of magazines to complete your new closet space. Looking for a closet solution that allows for a quick grab and go? Look into custom closets that allow you to personalize the arrangement to fit your flow.

Also take a look around your house. Do you have more wood, white, or colorful furniture? Or a mix of all three? Try to continue at least one style element of your existing decor to blend your new closet in with the rest of your home.

custom luxury closet with bench

Use the Space

To set up your perfect closet, know the space you’re working with. Worried about small corners and awkward spaces? No need to! There are plenty of storage solutions for any space, capable of holding your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Using every inch in an efficient, practical way will allow you to maximize storage space and closet display options. The closet solutions offered by More Space Place are custom built for your space and installed by professionals to ensure everything fits perfectly in your new closet.

custom dream closet

Ask a Professional

If you’ve determined your closet needs and design goals, reaching out to a design professional can only help your closet creation process. Speaking with a designer can give you insights into current trends, technologies, and closet options, as well as give you pointers on commonly used techniques. Connecting with a More Space Place designer will allow you to create the closet you’ve imagined. Each custom closet is tailored to your specific needs, wants, and space. With a huge selection of stylish, practical designs, complete with endless functional aspects, More Space Place is your custom closet destination.

Creating the perfect closet for you, complete with durable, easy-to-use storage solutions is made simple with these steps. Contact More Space Place to get a free consultation and start designing your perfect closet today!

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