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How to Eat Healthier with a Custom Pantry

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custom healthy pantry more space place

Eating healthier is full of both mental and physical benefits, but sometimes, for people at every stage in life, it’s just so hard to eat healthy food! If you find yourself struggling with this goal, a great starting point is in your pantry. After all, this is where you find yourself contemplating between the tempting sweets or the healthy snacks! While we aren’t dietitians, our design experts at More Space Place have a few tips for organizing a custom pantry for healthy eating success. 

custom healthy pantry more space place

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It’s hard to resist your favorite guilty snack when you know it’s just sitting in the pantry waiting for you to devour it. However, it’s fairly easy to trick ourselves by simply hiding away that candy or bag of chips. Keep these goodies at the very top shelf of your pantry, hidden away in pull-out drawers. As the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to any unhealthy treats.

Healthy Treats Made Easy

You will probably forget all about those temptations when you make the healthy snacks front and center in your custom pantry. We recommend keeping foods like almonds, seeds, grains, and granola stored in labeled glass jars, on open shelves, and at eye-level. Also, consider adding a built-in basket storage solution for fruits and veggies. When the right options are in sight, snacking healthy will be effortless. Plus, with everything easily visible, you will quickly notice when things need to be restocked so your pantry is never without healthy alternatives.

custom healthy pantry more space place

Home Cooked Meals

It’s far easier to control your meals when you cook at home. Cooking doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming, either. An organized, functional pantry inspires home chefs because they know exactly where all of their ingredients are. We like to compare it to an easel for a painter. Perhaps you will store flavorful spices from all over the world on a convenient spice rack. Or maybe you will pull out a bottle of wine from your wine rack for a rewarding treat at dinnertime. The options are truly endless!

At More Space Place, we can help you craft a custom pantry solution so that you can successfully meet your healthy eating goals. Contact your local More Space Place today for a free, in-home consultation!

Photo Credit: © More Space Place, © Cameron Carlson