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How to Hide Cords and Cables in Your Home

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Messy cords and plug-ins on hardwood floor
Messy cords and plug-ins on hardwood floor

At-home electronics have given the world countless wonderful advantages. But that snarl of cords that mars your home’s otherwise flawless aesthetic? That isn’t one of them.

We’ve all faced the ugliness of the cable-beast, but you don’t have to lose the battle. Hiding and keeping cords out of sight is easy with a few quick fixes.  

Get rid of the extras

How do you make it so you can’t see cords in your home? Throw them away!

Okay, so maybe you can’t throw away every cord (that would be the opposite of helpful), but take a moment to go through each cord in your house and make sure that it is still needed. Is it still connected to something? Do you use that thing? Does the cable even work?

If the cord doesn’t even get used, then it’s simply eating up space in the less-than-attractive way that only an electronic cable can manage. Toss or donate it!

Bundle of power cables for technology with different connectors

Bundle ‘em

Now, round up the cords that made it this far. No, literally – round them up! Organizing cables that travel in the same direction into neat bundles will help turn your cable conundrum into a subtle streamline of electricity.

Grab anything from a cable sleeve to a twist tie to a hairband. Bundles are easier to tuck out of sight and also prevent the dreaded and unsightly cord knot from forming.

Label ‘em

Label your cables! Both a fun rhyme and a key step to keeping cords out of sight, labeling which cord is which will prevent you from having to unplug fifteen different cables and causing a visible mess before finally getting to the one you want.

If you know which cord does what without trial-and-error, you can reset your computer or grab your charger without having to take apart your perfectly-hidden cable collection.

Guide their path

Use hooks, clips, or damage-free tape to secure your cords exactly where you want them and make sure they don’t end up splayed out for all to see. Some of the best places to hide cables are the inside edge of cabinets and shelves, the back of televisions and computers, and along the bottom of floorboards.

A secured cord path is a subtle cord path.

Strategize with your furniture

Tidy home theater with hidden cords

Your furniture is the biggest advantage you have when it comes to hiding cords. Figure out how you can weave your cables, disguise your cables, and distract from your cables using the nooks and crannies in your house!

Custom-built furniture is the secret weapon in the fight to hide away cords in your home. Planning out a desk or an entertainment center designed specifically for the particular arrangement of your cords is the glass slipper of storing your technology – a perfect, effortless, and beautiful fit.

The experts at More Space Place can get you set up with a glass slipper of your own for your home office, entertainment center, or anywhere else where you need some strategic cord-wrangling. Contact a More Space Place near you to schedule a free consultation today!

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