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How To Make The Most Out Of The Space In Your Pantry

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Pantry Organization

Trying to find space in your pantry can be irritating! It’s the one place in your house that you are constantly filling up. At More Space Place, we know the struggle of not having enough space, and we want to help you! Read below for how you can make the most out of the space in your pantry.

Creating Multiple Zones

In order to start creating your zones, we want you to take similar food and beverage items and group them in a designated place within your pantry. This step will help save you some time when looking for a specific item because there is only one spot that the item could be in. Another way to make it more convenient for you would be to create zones on how often you use them throughout your week. Doing this step first will not only help you reorganize your pantry and maximize your space, but will also help you figure out what items have expired before you buy new storage accessories.

Storage Accessories 

If you have created specific zones for your food and are still looking for more space, our experts recommend investing in wire baskets, spice/wine racks, or pull-out shelving. Wire baskets are a great way to group any type of food group. They can be pulled out in an instance for searching convenience and then slipped right back into the same place. 

Spices can be one of the most difficult items to locate in a pantry. A spice rack is the best way to have all your spices together and organized. It can be pulled out while searching for the right spice for your dish and then neatly pushed back into place. No more having small spice bottles in different places around your pantry. Our spice rack can also be a wine rack if you need a place to store your wine.

Finally, our experts recommend investing in pull-out shelving if you are someone who doesn’t want to deal with the extra space that wire baskets and a spice rack would take up. This will come in handy if you like a stocked pantry because you will be able to use all of your shelf space while still having full visibility of all items you have stocked.  

New Shelving

At More Space Place, we have shelving units that come in various sizes and colors to match any interior design! Sometimes our pantries are the last place in our house that we renovate because we think we wouldn’t need more space there, but if you are constantly looking for more space within your pantry, then it’s time to upgrade your shelving. 

Are You Ready For More Pantry Storage? 

No more scavenging around your pantry to find one ingredient. Take back your space with the help of More Space Place! Our experts are ready to help you maximize the space within your pantry. Call today to schedule a free consultation!