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Don’t Downsize Your Wardrobe. Upgrade Your Closet!

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Clutter- we’ve all got it! It seems like it collects in our closets faster than anywhere else. It doesn’t help that closets are the first place we cram everything when we’re expecting company, or that we simply can’t let go of those memorable pieces – ya know, the black sequin dress from the ’80s. Thankfully, most closets have a door and your guests don’t expect a tour of your closets when they drop in.

But what if you had a brag-worthy closet like the one here?inexpensive custom closets

We’d bet you’d want every guest to take a peak and gaze upon your neatly organized, custom-designed and multifunctional More Space Place closet.

The closet in the picture  to the right is a wall-based system with both open and hidden storage. We’ve really maximized the vertical space of this closet by adding sliding doors, a retractable mirror, rod systems and shelving at varying heights.

This closet to the left is a floor-based system with both open and closed storage. With multiple shoe racks and a jewelry organizing systems, it’s instantly a crowd favorite.

Because of its simple design you may not have guessed that this closet unit also has a hidden laundry basket (third panel to the right under the Louis Vuitton bag). It actually tilts out so that you can keep your dirty clothes out of sight and off the floor! The finish on this one is quite fashionable, as well. It’s made of Italian Melamine in Grigio Brown. You can have either of these closets in any finish and color, or create a closet of your own.

When it comes to closet organizing systems we know that one size does NOT fit all, so we offer in-home design consultations and measurements on closets to give you exactly what you need. This means you don’t have to start The Great American Apparel Diet or downsize your wardrobe to the bare necessities!

Go ahead and keep those hot pants and neon leg warmers! You’ve got more space!

Read more about the creative freedom you can have with your very own More Space Place custom closets or call or come by one of our local showrooms today to meet with an in-store designer.