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How You Can Create The Perfect Garage Workshop

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More Space Place custom garage

Typically, our garages serve as extra storage space for the bulky household items we no longer have room for inside the house. This year, it’s time for you to transform your garage into the perfect workshop space for any project that comes your way. At More Space Place, we want your new workshop to be the talk of your friends, but don’t forget to tell them about that completed summer project list as well!

New Storage

It’s time for you to up your garage storage game. As easy as it might be to store everything on the ground and piled up against the wall, our goal is to help you achieve a cleaner garage with less clutter. If you think keeping everything on the floor is more manageable, think again! If you use the stacking method, you are more likely to take everything apart just to find what you need. Once you’ve obtained the item you need, you’ll have to restack everything in order to keep everything in place. 

At More Space Place, we are all about organizational convenience. We have storage units in various sizes and colors for any garage style or custom layout you want!

Custom Garage Storage Options

Once you have moved all your items into your new storage units, it’s time to start looking at more customized storage space for your daily life. At More Space Place, we offer other garage storage options like workbenches and slat board wall systems. If you are someone who has multiple summer projects, a workbench would be a perfect addition to your household. It allows you to have space to work on various projects at once and a hard surface that won’t bend or break. Our workbenches also come in different kinds of surface material to match any cabinet color. 

An addition to any workbench would be a slat board wall system. Slat boards are the perfect storage accessory for someone who has a variety of tools and needs a safe and sturdy place to store them. Slat boards also come with accessories for the tinier objects that need to be kept, like nuts and bolts. Plus, you can rearrange slat boards as many times as you like to fit everything that you need stored away.

Are You Ready To Have The Perfect Garage Workshop?

It’s the perfect time for your garage to have a storage upgrade! At More Space Place, our experts are waiting to help you figure out your ideal custom garage workshop! Call today for a free consultation!