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Inexpensive Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom

Between beauty products, toiletries, and other necessities, the bathroom can quickly become cluttered. When summer guests start arriving we start shoving items under the sink and in every other possible cabinet to hide our daily mess. Doing this will inevitably result in disorganization and something will be misplaced or lost. We’ve put together a list of quick and easy bathroom organization tricks to make sure everything always has a spot!

Ladies, you know that hair elastics, clips, bobby-pins, and other hair accessories can end up scattered throughout the bathroom almost daily. Give these items a home by inserting a plastic silverware holder inside your bathroom drawer. The small compartments allow you to separate and organize each accessory. Curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers can also become tangled and take up space on your counter. Inside a cabinet door, use hook and loop tape to attach small remnants of PVC pipe to easily store and hide hot tools – once they’re cool of course!

A Lazy Susan is a great tool for storing lotions, creams, styling products, and just about anything else you can think of. A modern metal style that accents your bathroom décor is perfect for holding products that you want to keep on the counter, while a Corner Lazy Susan is ideal for both adding extra storage under your sink and keeping medicines and other items out of sight. Wire racks on cabinet doors can also add extra storage for the items that you use most frequently. Labeled baskets in the closet can also help keep bath toys, toilet paper, and other items in their place without being seen by guests using the linen closet.

The average person spends approximately half an hour in the bathroom every day. Keeping a well organized bathroom can speed up your daily routine and get you back to your life faster! We believe that an organized home is a happy home! Check out more of our great organization tips and tricks by following us on Pinterest!