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How to Instantly Create More Space in Your Home

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A cleaner home can lead to increased levels of happiness for all who dwell inside. Unfortunately, this also means that a messy and crowded home can weigh on you psychologically. In a nutshell, cleanliness and organization are important. But we know that it’s not always easy to achieve. Lucky for you, organizing and adding space to your home are our specialty! With that said, today the team at More Space Place wants to give you some insider tips on how to keep your home spotless, and how to add more space to your home than you thought you had! Without further ado, let’s dive into the quick guide.

Stick to an Organizational System

An important but potentially overlooked step in home cleanliness is committing to an organizational system. While it’s always good to clean your house, doing so without having a system in mind for storage results in a temporary and therefore useless solution. In order to make cleanliness last, you should ideally commit to a developed system for organizing your home’s items. When you have a clear system, cleaning not only lasts longer but also becomes easier because you spend less energy solving space issues on-the-spot.

The best way to start your system from scratch is to decide which items you should throw away and which ones you should keep. Kept items should be placed into clear storage bins so you always known where to find them. Once this is done, simply commit to doing a house-wide clean-up on a recurring basis to ensure that your home is clean more often than not. This is really all it takes to keep your house spotless, but it’s by no means the end of the road for your inner neat-freak.

Install Customized Cabinets for Your Home

Storage is an important part of any organizational system, and when it comes to every-day items, there’s no better storage solution than to store them in customized cabinetry! When items you use every day have their own consecrated home, maintaining order and carrying out cleaning jobs becomes easier and more fun, since you get to use awesome personalized cabinets! If you’re wondering where you might install custom cabinets, you can put them anywhere that you would find ordinary cabinets. Customizing your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom closet cabinets however, will have the biggest impact on your daily routine.

At More Space Place, we have a variety of custom cabinet materials and finishes, meaning that your space-saving custom solutions are sure to add visual interest to your home as well!

Add Space with a Murphy Bed

If you want to make an even bigger change to your home’s organizational flow, then a Murphy bed could be just what you need. Murphy beds put a clever twist on classic beds by having the ability to pull out from an attached wall cabinet and fold up when you’re not using them. A well-placed Murphy bed can easily transform a spare room into a hybrid room which serves one function by day and another by night, such as an office-guest room! For more Murphy bed inspiration, check out our memo on them here.

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