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Keeping Your Kid-Friendly Home Organized

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Family homes are all too familiar with the clutter that comes with having kids. Toys, jackets, crafts, and other items always seem to end up out of place. Instead of accepting disorganization as an unavoidable fact, consider some of these tips and tricks to keep your home tidy, even when the kids are home all day during summer vacation!


Make It Easy

From the moment they step in the door, make it easy for them to know where everything is supposed to go. Have a rack or basket by the door for shoes, hooks for jackets, and a bench or closet for bags. If there is an easy drop-off spot for the things that normally end up trailing through your home, your kids are more likely to contribute to its organization.


Utilize Baskets & Cubbies

To avoid having each member of your family digging through a shoe pile on their way out the door each day, assign personal baskets or cubbies. This will keep everyone’s personal items separated and easy to find. Furthermore, you can use baskets to clear out any clutter in the area by moving misplaced items into the appropriate owner’s basket for them to clean up or put away.


Get On Their Level

One common obstacle kids face is having items or shelves be out of reach. When this happens, they will rely on you to bring things down and put them away. Customized shelving at their level will make them more independent, and it will be easier for them to access the things they need and use most.


Organizing Home

Keep Them Involved

Involving your kids in the system of maintaining a clutter-free home will teach them invaluable skills of responsibility and organization. For example, make them a part of the lunch-bagging process by setting up an assembly line in your kitchen. They can have a clear choice of pre-approved snacks, fruit, and drinks in baskets, which allows them to make decisions for themselves while keeping your pantry organized.


Here at More Space Place, we understand the need for organization. We encourage you to implement one or more of these systems in your home to save you time and energy every day. If you are interested in customized solutions to your organizational problems, give us a call. We can help organize your mudroom, pantry, closets, garage, and more. Find a location near you to schedule a free design consultation with a More Space Place expert today!


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