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Laundry Room Storage Solutions

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A functional laundry room allows for you to get chores done quickly and efficiently. Whether your home has a small laundry room or an extra spacious one, implementing a smart organization solution is a must. It’s impossible to get things done in a space that’s been taken over by clutter. Take charge of your laundry room with these simple storage solutions that will give you the laundry room of your dreams! More Space Place offers custom laundry, pantry, and utility storage that will maximize the most space out of any room in your home.


Shelving is a perfect way to give your laundry room extra space either at ground level or up high on the walls. You can install shelves above your washer/dryer unit and place stocked items like new containers of detergents, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets on the shelves. If room allows, there’s also the option of adding in cabinets to hide away items behind cabinet doors. Go through old products and make sure to rotate items with a sooner expiration date towards the front of the shelves. To get rid of excess bulk, you can also put detergents, pods, or sheets into clear jars. Place the jars along shelves so that they’re easy to reach. This gives your laundry room a neat look and also frees up extra space. 

Storage Bins

Another great way of hiding away unsightly items is to tuck them away into storage bins or baskets. Make sure that you have an effective organizational system and store similar products in the same bin so that you avoid accumulation of clutter. Label the baskets so that your family knows where to find each product they’re looking for. Occasionally go through the baskets to keep them organized and avoid having products fall to the bottom of the basket.

A Multipurpose Space

Your laundry room doesn’t just have to be for your washer and dryer! If you have the room, you can maximize space by having a room that serves a dual-functionality. Install an ironing board that folds up against the wall or add a drying rack for clothes. Build a separate section to store arts and crafts projects. The options are endless when it comes to a functional laundry room space.

More Space Place has everything you need to build a custom laundry room that works for you and your family. Get started today and find a store near you!

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