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Make Getting Ready Easy With A Custom Closet

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Custom Closet With Center Island And Seating

Nothing can put a damper on the start of your day more than having to dig through and navigate a cramped and disorganized closet. It can be frustrating when you know exactly what you want to wear but you can’t find that top among the stacks of shirts piled high on shelves or crammed into little cubbies. And don’t get us started on shoes! Digging through the pile on the floor to find a matching pair can drive you crazy! Read on to learn how a custom closet from More Space Place can eliminate these struggles and streamline your morning routine.

Give Everything a Place

Custom Closet With Center Island

Walk-in closets with custom built-ins have become all but standard in new construction, however, closets in older homes may have been built with just hanging rods and a shelf over top. For more storage and organization people have traditionally turned to store-bought shoe racks, chests of drawers, and shelving units that don’t fully meet their needs nor fit their space just right. This has resulted in a constant battle between your wardrobe and your closet.

With a custom closet from More Space Place, you decide what you need and we build to meet those needs. Have a large collection of shoes? We’ll design a custom-fit shelving system to accommodate them all! Love to accessorize? We’ll create purpose-built drawers and hangers for your watches, necklaces, scarves, whatever you’ve got. By creating designated spaces for every part of your wardrobe, we’ll create more space, organize what you have, and make room for additions.

Create Space For You Too

Pull-out Ironing Station: Stowed
Pull-out Ironing Station: Fully Deployed

Your clothes may live in your closet, but you’re a frequent visitor too. Taking into consideration what you do in your closet and creating a comfortable space for you to get ready can go a long way in streamlining your morning routine. Whether you need a full makeup vanity, or just somewhere to sit down to put on your shoes, More Space Place has got you covered.

A time-saving, stress-reducing must-have is a pull-out ironing station. Rather than wrestling with a full-sized ironing board or running down to the laundry room every time you need to press a shirt, we offer pull-out ironing boards that seamlessly disappear back into your built-in unit when not in use.

Custom Closet With Center Island And Seating

Another great addition to any closet is a center island. This gives you somewhere to lay out outfits, fold clothes, polish shoes, whatever you need to do. A seat can be incorporated into an island as well, eliminating the need for that stool tucked in the corner or leaving the closet entirely to get your shoes on.

If you’re ready to make your life easier with a custom closet, contact More Space Place for a free in-home consultation. Our expert team will meet your needs with storage solutions that are custom-fit to the space you have!