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Make the Most Out of Your Move

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Storage Solutions for New Homes
Storage Solutions for Moving

Let’s face it, moving is the worst. Even in the best of circumstances, few tasks are capable of filling us with as much dread as the mere thought of the moving process. But, there are ways to make moving a little less painful and dare we say, a positive experience. One good thing about moving is that it allows us an opportunity to identify areas of our homes we’ve had trouble keeping organized so we can prevent those issues from reoccurring in our new home.

Start Early and Small

One reason moving is so stressful is that all the foreboding tends to cause us to put things off until we need to make every moment count. You can avoid procrastinating and gain a little momentum by focusing on completing a few small tasks as soon as you know you’re moving. Looking online for checklists, finding out where you can get boxes, and locating a place to drop off donations, are all examples of some of the things you can take care of right away so they won’t have a chance to add stress when you’re conducting more pressing tasks later.

Make Life Easier Later by Decluttering Now

Moving is the ideal time to declutter because doing things like cleaning out your closets now, will mean less to move and unpack later. Plus, decluttering will give you a more accurate picture of how well the storage situation in your new home will fit your needs.

Start Fresh with a Custom Storage Solution

Once you’ve decluttered and you have a good idea of how much storage you need, you can start addressing potential areas of concern. For example, if the pantry in your current home is still overflowing after you’ve re-organized, and your new pantry is relatively similar in size, you may just want to think about improving your new pantry’s storage.

If you’re moving into a smaller house and you’re worried about feeling cramped, More Space Place has Murphy beds and other ingenious storage solutions for small spaces that can help you get the most out of every nook in your new home.

Moving to a larger home can potentially create organization issues too. It sometimes seems like the more open space we have, the quicker the disorder sets in. Garages are notorious clutter magnets, especially if there’s an extra parking spot inside. If you can see this becoming a potential issue in your new home, custom garage storage can help keep clutter at bay by creating a designated space for tools, bikes, and any other items you store in your garage.

Whatever storage needs your new home presents More Space Place can help you find a solution. To learn more call or drop by your local More Space Place today!

Photo credit: ©  David Pereiras