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Making Laundry Easier and More Enjoyable

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Making laundry easier | Organizing laundry

Doing laundry is one of the most tedious tasks that must be completed during the week. You need to sort, wash and iron loads of clothing which can become time consuming. That’s why More Space Place is committed to helping you make laundry time easier and more enjoyable with three simple tips. 

Separate Bins 

The cardinal rule of laundry is to separate darks and lights to preserve the color of your clothing. This task becomes arduous when you only have one bin to store dirty clothes. We recommend having separate bins to categorize garments based on shade. If you are concerned about saving space, feel free to explore laundry hampers with dividers. Hanging your laundry basket on the door is an alternative solution as well. You can find more tips on storing laundry here

The Waiting Period 

You just finished lugging dirty laundry downstairs and started the washer. The waiting period presents opportunities to finish other tasks or relax. If you are doing other chores, putting on  some music or listening to a podcast can distract your mind from the task at hand. You may even want to create a music playlist for house cleaning specifically. Besides music, you can also complete the Sunday crossword puzzle or enjoy a light snack to stimulate your mind. Finding an activity that shifts your mind away from laundry helps make time go faster. Just make sure to set a timer so you don’t completely lose track of time. 

Setting Reminders 

There are always certain guidelines to follow such as avoiding mixing reds and whites together in the washer. It becomes easier to forget these principles when you try to organize and load laundry quickly. As a result, setting some reminders for yourself via sticky notes or papers can always be beneficial. Some take the time to label each load such as darks or delicates. Creating these reminders for yourself can make this chore easier especially when you need to do five or six loads of laundry. 

Need More Tips?

With these simple tips, our hope is that you start making laundry time easier and more enjoyable. At More Space Place, we want to help you organize your laundry that saves time and effort. Feel free to contact our experts for more professional advice on this matter.