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Meal Planning & Preparation Tips For The Holidays

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We are in the thick of the holiday season, and preparing meals for the whole family is critical. Are you on top of meal planning? Know what you are going to cook for your loved ones? Here are a few ideas on how you can be on top of meal planning this year. 

Ask Your Family Members What Dishes They Are Interested In Eating Or Cooking 

It is important that everyone in the family has a meal that they like, even if they are a picky eater. An easy way to make sure that everyone eats during the holidays is simply asking what dish they enjoy or prefer eating. Whether it be as easy as mashed potatoes, or as delicious as cranberry sauce, taking note of what guests would like to eat is always a great place to start on your holiday shopping list. 

Make Sure Your Pantry Is Stocked Up On Snacks In Case Of A Food Emergency 

You never know when someone is craving a little something extra, but are not yet wanting leftovers. In an event like this, make sure your pantry is filled with foods that a loved one could be in need of. Snack items as small as chips, crackers, or even sliced fruit can be enough to hold someone off before a big meal or after. 

Organize Your Pantry To Know Where Ingredients Are

The kitchen is bound to be a hectic area when plenty of loved ones arrive for the holidays. To make sure you are ready for whatever dishes are to be made, make sure your pantry is organized with ingredients in their proper places. Whether these ingredients are placed in labeled containers or happen to have a designated area on a shelf, being able to locate where a certain item is in a fast-paced environment will help your cooking duties to run a bit smoother. 

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