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Memorabilia Decluttering and Storage Tips

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person going through box of family keepsakes

We collect a lot of things in our lives that will give us wonderful memories. Whether it’s a travel pamphlet from your honeymoon or your children’s artwork back in third grade, these keepsakes may have been lost in a storage container in the basement or attic. When it comes to memorabilia, you need a way to store them so they don’t become lost again, and perhaps display a few things that have sentimental value. Learn about ways to declutter and display your precious memories.

decluttering a box of memorabilia and keepsakes

Decluttering Keepsakes

It’s hard to get rid of items. You want to hold onto everything until the time comes for it to be passed down to your children and grandchildren. However, if you are just keeping items in the box and forget you have them, you have to consider whether it is worth keeping them.

To help you declutter keepsakes, get rid of anything that causes negative emotions or bad memories. There is no reason to keep a picture of an ex-crush or ex-spouse if you feel negatively about them. Next, remove items that are duplicates. You don’t need five similar documents when just one or two will suffice. This method will help you remove a lot of things that no longer hold value in your life.

Another way to declutter is to get your involve your kids and family. While you may think that they will want a keepsake passed down to them, they may not have the same sentimental feelings for the object. Both of you can then figure out what to do with the keepsake, such as gifting it to a close family friend or another relative so they can enjoy it.

custom entertainment center with glass shelves

Display Items for Everyone to See

You can store items while at the same time displaying them for everyone to see. A custom entertainment center with glass doors will allow you to show off all your keepsakes while keeping them safe and organized. Since these items can come in different shapes and sizes, a custom wall center from a home storage manufacturer, such as More Space Place, can help you craft the right shelf height and depth to display your memorabilia.

Items that are too delicate or fragile to be displayed can be kept in enclosed cabinets and drawers so you can still access them easily when reminiscing or sharing a funny story with family and friends. Another added benefit to wall centers, entertainment centers, and custom cabinets is that the keepsakes will be stored in the common areas of your home that are temperature controlled. Warm attics can ruin old photographs and papers while wet basements can cause items to develop a musty, moldy smell.

Start Your Project

Your memorabilia is important to you. Display them with pride after you declutter! Speak with a local More Space Place designer today to learn about the types of entertainment centers and wall centers that you can use to store your precious memories.

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