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Mindfulness Tip: Decluttering Your Mind with Home Organization Hacks

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Organized Custom Closet in Bedroom - More Space Place

Do you find yourself scrambling through your closet to find your favorite sweater in the mornings? Do you often misplace your keys? Do you find yourself opening every kitchen cabinet just to find your favorite spice? Countless studies show the positive effects a tidy home can have on one’s mind. With our busy schedules, living in an organized space is vital for our overall wellbeing and happiness. Now you can bring more mindfulness into your home by implementing these organization hacks! Here at More Space Place we can help with designing the dream you’ve been waiting for.

Destress the Moment You Walk In

Clean Custom Room Organizer  - More Space Place

First impressions matter. Everyone should be able to feel a sense of calm and bliss the moment they open the door after a long day at work. Consider having custom room organizer built for the entryway or mudroom. Dedicate a specific place for family and guests to place their shoes upon entering. This reduces the amount of dirt and debris that enters your home which will save you time on cleaning!

Clear Your Headspace with Custom Closets

Organized Custom Closet in Bedroom - More Space Place

Give yourself the gift of time each morning by keeping a tidy custom closet. Having a custom closet or shelving installed allows you to keep similar items grouped together. Keep handbags, hats, and other accessories in the same location. Organize your clothes by type and rotate them out by season. For example, keep casual t-shirts separate from blazers so that you minimize the time it takes to get dressed each morning. Consider tucking away bulky jackets and thick sweaters in a separate bin after winter ends.

Keep the Doctor Away with An Organized Kitchen

Organized Kitchen Pantry - More Space Place

Believe it or not, organizing your kitchen cabinets and pantry can help you make healthier choices. Keep like items grouped together such as canned goods, cereals, and pastas. Try organizing your food in a way that displays healthier food choices at the forefront. Junk food can be hidden from plain view to reduce temptation.

Introduce Wellness to Your Kids

Kids Custom Wall Bed /Murphy Bed More Space Place

Mindfulness practices are beneficial to anyone regardless of age. A tidy bedroom and play space will reduce stress and allow your child to focus more on their homework. Incorporating a wall bed is a great way to open up the space in your child’s bedroom, and allows for an overall cleaner and organized feel. Begin involving your kids with cleaning and organizing tasks around the house. Practicing cleanliness will give them the tools they need to start living mindfully wherever they go.

Make Room For Life®

Incorporate mindfulness into your life today. Find a showroom near you and schedule a FREE consultation. Our experts will be able to find the solution that works for you.

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