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Minimizing Kid Clutter Around The House

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Children's room Murphy bed - down

Everyone knows that kids are messy. It can be a full time job following behind and picking up after them, and without the proper storage solutions your home can quickly become cluttered with your kid’s toys, clothes, and works of art. We know you’re too busy to constantly battle against clutter, and thats why we’re here to help. Read on to learn how More Space Place’s custom storage solutions can help minimize kid clutter around your house!

Create A Designated ‘Play Space’

The easiest way to cut down on clutter and try to localize it to one area of your home is to create a designated play space for your children. With a purpose-built play room, you and your kids know where everything is supposed to be, and it makes it easy to teach them how to pick up after themselves.

We understand that not everyone has a spare room they can devote solely to play, and that’s where More Space Place comes in. Our custom storage solutions allow you to create multi-purpose spaces without compromising on their utility. A great way to consolidate all your kids things into one room is by utilizing a Murphy or panel bed.

Children's room Murphy bed - down
Children's room Murphy bed - up

This gives you the ability to fold their bed up and out of the way during the day, giving your children the valuable floor space they need to play. In addition, these beds can be paired with near limitless shelving, drawer, and cabinet options to create a built-in storage system to hold all of your kids clothes, toys, and educational materials.

Provide Storage Where They Normally Leave Their Things

It’s impossible to keep all your kinds things in their room at all times. They’re constantly coming and going, playing inside and out, and thats why you need to create spaces for them to store upon entry instead of just dropping them in the kitchen and living room.

Custom garage cabinets

A great solution to keeping outdoor toys out of your living space is custom garage cabinets. Instead of toys and sports equipment leaned haphazardly in the corner, garage cabinets can provide a place to organize all your kids outdoor toys. With adjustable shelving to accommodate the largest or smallest of items, you can pull into the garage after a long day of work without the risk of running over someone’s favorite yard game. 

Another frustration is often tripping over piles of little shoes strewn throughout your house. Entry units are the perfect solution, a designated drop zone to prevent dirty shoes and clothes from filling your home. Available with shoes cubbies, hooks, cabinets, and seating, an entry unit can organize and declutter your foyer or mudroom.

Custom entry unit

If you’ve been inspired to take your home back from the clutter, contact More Space Place for a free consultation and see what we can do to fill your needs. Our storage solutions are custom-fit to your space and finished to fit fit your home’s aesthetic seamlessly!