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Murphy Beds Create Comfortable Accommodations For Summertime Guests. Cots Don’t!

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Big Family - Summer Visitors

Big Family - Summer VisitorsMemorial Day has come and gone, the longest day of the year is almost here, and that means summer is on the way. Summertime means traveling time for many of us. Hotels, rental cottages and campgrounds are all busy this time of year, but lots of vacationing folks stay as guests in the home of friends or relatives. Others stay home and play host to those who are off on a getaway.

Let’s say you belong to the second group. You’ll be hosting family and friends this summer for a number of days – and nights – and a quick head count tells you that you’ll have more guests than beds. Air mattresses? Fold-up steel cots? They’re cruel and unusual punishment for people you care about. But there are only so many beds, bedrooms, and closets in your home, so what can you do?

Murphy beds to the rescue! A Murphy bed (also called a fold out bed, pull down bed, or wall bed) lets you create extra sleeping space in your home without dedicating a room to it. Murphy beds fit seamlessly into most rooms, including the den, family room, office, and recreation room.

Purchasing a Murphy bed for your home is a smart investment that you’ll love long after your summer guests have gone. Besides comfort and style, the Murphy bed by More Space Place adds just that: space! With a wall bed, you’ll get the most utility and enjoyment from the rooms in your home.

So before your summer guests arrive, drag those cots out of storage…and right on down to the curbside. Visit More Space Place, then fire up your grill and say hello to summer!