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Our New Year’s Resolution

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Tonight, people across the globe will celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a new year. Each year we send off the old year with a wild rumpus (or a quiet night in) and we kiss in the New Year with our loved ones. We also find ourselves making a list of resolutions or things we want to be different in the coming year.

History of Resolutions

In ancient times, the Romans celebrated the New Year on March 1. Caesar changed the Roman New Year’s Day to January 1 in honor of their God of new beginnings, Janus. The Romans held a festival honoring Janus and the New Year and it was customary to exchange gifts and make resolutions to be kinder and gentler.
The Puritans brought the tradition of resolutions with them to the New World. While they did not approve of the excessive celebrations that they Romans had, they did encourage their youth to fast and confess their sins on December 31. They youth were urged to not waste the New Year on childish things and instead resolve to change their lives for good.

Before the 20th century, resolutions were kept religious and private. Today, we publicly promise that we will lose weight, be more financially stable or keep an organized home. We always start off with the utmost sincerity and determination but somehow seem to lose it over time.

This year, our New Year’s resolution is to help you keep yours!

Throughout the month of January, we are going to spotlight More Space Place products that actually help you to keep your New Year’s resolution.

Ring in 2013 in style tonight! And as always, please remember to celebrate responsibly!