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Organizational Tips to Survive the Holidays

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With the holiday season upon us, there is more than joy and goodwill that comes with each celebration. Managing multiple sets of decorations throughout the winter can leave us stressed trying to find and put away ornaments and mementos. To keep your holiday cheer worry-free, follow these organizational tips to survive this holiday season!

holiday decoration organizing tips

Label and Use Clear Decoration Boxes

Whether getting the proper decorations out for the first time in nearly a year, or putting them away again, knowing what is what can be a huge time saver, and keep you from pulling out the wrong boxes! Using clear boxes to store wrapping paper, ribbons, and holiday decorations can help keep you sane. Labeling boxes by room or by function can help further when instructing others who may not be familiar with your organization system. 

Use Proper Storage Solutions

Once you know where your decorations are, making sure they are stored properly can avoid any last-minute holiday disasters. Nothing is worse than having to untangle lights when starting to decorate. Wrapping string lights around a purpose-made light hanger or piece of cardboard can keep your lights from tangling or breaking. Additionally, using ornament boxes with specially made compartments keeps all of your delicate decorations from moving around and breaking in your closet, garage, or basement. 

Wrap! Wrap! Wrap!

While using simple but specially made storage solutions can reduce the fear of damaging your precious objects, it is still best to continue to be diligent when storing items. Be sure to use tissue paper or bubble wrap whenever placing loose and breakable items in storage. This simple trick will reduce unwanted movement and provide a small buffer in case of an accident.

Determine The Best Storage Locations

Regardless of decoration size, always plan where your items are going. For small pieces such as ornaments, figurines, and wreaths, storing them in boxes in a closet or garage is a great solution. Big pieces such as outdoor holiday lights and large decorations may be hindered by returning them to their boxes. Since they are designed to last, storing them safely outside of their box can save space in your home as well as making them easier to find next year!

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