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Organize Your Linen Closet For the New Year

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small linen closet with shelves
small linen closet with shelves

If your linen closet has piles of towels sitting on the floor, unfolded washcloths, and blankets in places that they should not be, it may be time to organize your linen closet for the New Year. How you organize your closet will be based on your available space and how many items you own. Here are some tips on how to get it tidy, and keep it tidy, throughout the year.

Declutter Old Linens

Linens can easily become thin, worn out, or holey after constant use. Before trying to organize your linen closet, remove items that are damaged. This process will help create extra space in your closet. But don’t toss your old linens out! You may wish to reuse them as rags when working on the car or cleaning up messes in the kitchen. Simply move the worn and torn linens to these other rooms for easier access.

If you keep linens in the closet as mementos, such as old baby blankets or a grandmother’s hand knit quilt, consider placing them in your bedroom closet or in a wooden chest at the foot of the bed. This will keep these mementos safely stored and out of the way.

Baskets and Boxes

When it comes to tall stacks of towels, sheets, or other linens, consider placing them into baskets or boxes. These containers will allow you to keep linens neatly folded without risking them toppling everywhere. If someone needs a towel or a washcloth, they will pick up the first one on top instead of pulling from the middle or bottom of the stack. A home closet organization company, such as More Space Place, can provide customized linen closet solutions so that your boxes and baskets can fit perfectly on the shelves.

Shelf Dividers

If you are working with a small linen closet, baskets and boxes may take up too much room on each shelf. To keep your linens stacked and arranged in a neat manner, consider placing in shelf dividers. These dividers can come in different materials to fit your design aesthetic. The divider will keep linens in their designated spaces and prevent them from becoming clumped together in one big, messy pile.

Get Expert Help

Keep your linen closet better organized for the New Year. Use these tips to declutter and store your towels, washcloths, blankets, sheets, and other linens. Speak with a designer near you and schedule your FREE design estimate!

Photo credit: © iStock/Hajakely.

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