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Organize your Pantry in 4 Easy Steps

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Is your unorganized pantry becoming a problem? We are here to help! As the experts in organization, we can tell you that keeping a well organized pantry makes meal time much easier! A pantry is home to food products, but if you are like most people, you are probably storing much more than just food in there. Use these 4 easy steps and organize your pantry today!pantry

Toss. You must begin by tossing out all expired or unwanted items. This includes old cereal boxes and bags of chips that have only crumbs left! If something is old but not expired you might consider donating it. If you haven’t cooked it since the last time you cleaned out your pantry, chances are, you will not be making it anytime soon.

Gather. Once you have tossed all the unwanted items, you should start gathering loose packets of food. This includes snack bars, single-serving bags and spice packets. Put them all in storage containers such as baskets, or reusable plastic bags. Categorize the items and be sure to store them together. Don not forget to label everything!

Sort. Your next step is to sort all remaining items and group them by category. In order to sort, it is best to bring all the items out of your pantry first. This will not only help you see everything but it will give you a chance to clean the inside of your pantry as well, which you probably haven’t done in a while. Because every pantry is different, remember to categorize these items to fit your needs and lifestyle. Some example categories might be lunch, snacks, or breakfast items.

Organize. The final step is to organize. Your ultimate goal should be to make sure you can see everything in your pantry once organization is finished. If you can’t see it, you won’t use it. Begin loading your food back into your pantry by category. You might want to consider putting the category that has the most food on the lowest level of your pantry for easy access and the category you use the most at eye level and so on.

How do you organize your pantry? Let us know!