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Organizing With Kids

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With a house full of kids, it’s easy for clutter to collect. It seems like everyone has the ‘perfect’ strategy for keeping your home organized. We did the research for you and compiled a list of the 5 things every mom should know before tackling an organization project.

1.    Baskets are your best friends.  Assign a basket to each family member and store them in place you walk past daily. Throughout the week, pick up any clutter you see and toss it in the appropriate baskets. Assign specific days that everyone should empty their baskets.

2.    Toys can go to jail, too. Establish a place that bad toys (ones that weren’t put away) stay for an established amount of time. Kids will be more likely to put away their favorite toy if they know it’s in jeopardy of being taken away.

3.    Good habits are learned. Spend quality time with your children teaching them how to properly organize their things. They’ll learn how stay organized and you get an extra set of hands tackling big tasks- it’s a win-win!

4.    Outdoor decorations work great indoors. Garden baskets are great for storing stuffed animals, books and small toys in children’s play areas. Mount them on the wall and make a game out of keeping that area neat.

5.    Don’t be out of reach. If a child can’t reach a closet rod or designated bin, the items they were trying to put away will end up on the floor. Ask your kids which organization items work best in their room and go from there. They may even bring some interesting ideas to the table!

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