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Organizing Your Closet to Look Upscale

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Organized closet system.

You don’t need to have a closet full of luxury items for your closet to feel like a luxury. Simple organization and storage solutions can upgrade your closet’s look. Implement these tips to make your closet more functional and beautiful.


Having your hanging clothes sorted can create an immediate visual impact on the organization of your closet. Sorting by color not only makes things easier to find, but is a pretty visual. You can also sub-divide between shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants. Having some items like sweaters folded can look cozy and inviting on your closet shelves.


Shoe organizers are a space saving solution for your closet. Shoe racks can be made slanted to easily see and grab whatever shoes you are looking for. You can organize your shoes similar to clothes, adding to the visual aesthetic. Do this by placing shoes next to each other based on color or material, and pairing similar types of shoes on the same shelves. Similar heel heights on shelves will also allow you to adjust the shelf distance for maximum closet usage.

Use Jewelry Drawer Organizers to keep your favorites in view!


Have you ever looked at a tangle of necklaces, unable to distinguish which piece is which? Effective jewelry organization can save you time and a headache. Displayed jewelry is a fun addition to your closet, and shows off your style personality! Installing a jewelry drawer as a part of your closet system will keep everything separated, and having a jewelry stand on your shelf can put your favorite pieces on display. You may even discover some items you forgot you had!


Displaying bags is another great way to add an upscale feel to your closet. Using adjustable shelving, you can have your favorite bags front and center. Hooks are another good option to keep your favorite purses easy to reach and visible. Based on how many purses you have or how often you switch between them, you can place them on different shelves depending on how it complements the organization of your closet.

Closet System

All of these options can be optimized with a closet system from More Space Place. Our design experts will work with you to make the closet of your dreams come to life. From hanging rods, to shelving, to drawers, we can create a custom closet that fits your needs perfectly. Our closet accessories also let you continue to optimize your closet after it has been installed.
Your closet feeling like a luxury starts with the closet system in place. At More Space Place, our experts will make sure your closet system is installed perfectly, and fits your needs exactly. Contact us today to get started on your dream closet today!