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Our Favorite Closet Accessories

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Modern Closet Walk In Design Organization

Are you considering redesigning a closet in your home? Here at More Space Place, we invest our time in finding the features that will make a big difference for you. With all of our experience, we have found that there are certain accessories and additions that are an absolute must when it comes to practical closet design. Let’s take a look at the ways you can make your closet not only stylish, but functional, too!

Custom Walk In Closet

Shoe Rack

This one may seem obvious, but a lot of closets lack an organizational system for their shoes. Even for those who aren’t shoe-obsessed, having a designated place to store each pair will keep your closet neat and save floor space. Without a rack or organizer, you’ll end up with a pile of assorted shoes that makes it hard to find a pair in the morning, and could even damage other shoes. One muddy sneaker thrown in the mix can stain or crush an elegant pair of heels. Avoid the mess with a shoe rack!


Jewelry Drawer

Expensive or sentimental pieces of jewelry need to be stored safely. The best way to take care of these items is to designate an easy to use and easy to organize drawer. The benefit of a drawer over a jewelry box is that you will be able to see all of your items laid out neatly rather than digging through small compartments to find what you’re looking for. Furthermore, we can customize these compartments to fit your style and can even provide extra safety in the form of a lock and key.

Modern Closet Walk In Design Organization

Adjustable Rods

Depending on the time of the year, you’ll be using different styles of clothing. While in the spring and summer you’ll need extra space in between your clothing racks to hang your dresses and maxi skirts, the winter will bring shorter, bulkier sweaters. With adjustable rods, you can change the layout of your closet to fit the items you use the most. This variation through the year can also give you that necessary refresh to start the season on the right foot!


Within Reach, But Out of Sight Storage

Speaking of seasonal changes, you’ll likely want to include a storage feature to your closet to tuck away the items you won’t use during that particular time of the year. Don’t just stuff everything in a box and move it to the garage. Keep it nearby, clean, and accessible with in-closet storage. We can install sleek, overhead storage space for you to keep it from crowding your floor space, but easily accessible if you need it.


Other accessories you could consider for your custom closet are pullout hampers, drop-down ironing boards, vanities, and boutique islands. To browse these features and more for your closet, visit a More Space Place showroom! We offer free in-home consultations with a design associate to build the closet of your dreams. Call us today!



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