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Our Favorite Murphy Bed Models

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Murphy beds from More Space Place

Murphy beds from More Space Place
If you’re looking to maximize space, Murphy beds and panel beds are stylish and efficient solutions. More Space Place is the #1 Murphy bed retailer in America and we offer 11 elegant models with an endless selection of customizable features. The original Murphy bed may have received a bad rap for being uncomfortable and tacky, but modern Murphy beds bear little resemblance. All of our models fit a thick mattress that is designed for vertical storage and guarantees a good night’s sleep. Allow us to introduce you to some of our favorite designs.

The Classic Murphy Bed

Starting from the basics, the classic Murphy bed uses hinged doors and sturdy counterbalanced mechanisms to ensure ease of use and comfort while you sleep. Each subsequent model is based on this technology. Its sleek and elegant design looks like a wardrobe when it’s closed. Because the doors are hinged and fold to the side rather than swing open, the Murphy bed takes up the same amount of space on your wall when it is opened or closed. This model is available in any mattress size from twin to king.

Jefferson Library Bed

If you are looking to expand from the classic look of a Murphy bed or need more storage in your room, this is the perfect model for you. This design offers additional shelving for books or knick-knacks and can be customized in any stain or color you desire. The doors of the Jefferson library bed split in the middle and slide on a track system to reveal the bed inside. The shelves can then be used for bedside storage. The unit has a very elegant aesthetic and is great for homeowners looking to maximize their space. Keep in mind that the Jefferson is a larger model and may not be suitable for small spaces.

Cosmopolitan Horizontal Panel Bed

Horizontal wall bed More Space PlaceThe main difference with this design and the classic Murphy bed is that the mattress on the Cosmopolitan panel bed is stored horizontally rather than vertically. This contemporary design is perfect for homes with low ceilings or for kids so they can lower and store the bed on their own. The bed frame is integrated with the door, so pulling down will also reveal the mattress. This makes it even easier to operate than a traditional Murphy bed. This model is pretty bare bones and is usually not outfitted with additional storage.

Chesterfield Panel Sofa Bed

The Chesterfield is arguably the most functional unit we have available. It incorporates additional storage shelves and it comes with a small sofa attached to the front of the unit. To use the bed, remove excess cushions and pull down on the panels. The mattress rests comfortably between the armrests, transforming a living room into a guest room in no time. For those looking to build a multi-functional space or want more out of their bed design, the Chesterfield bed is for you. Murphy bed and sofa More Space Place

This is just a small taste of the styles and models we have available at More Space Place. If you are interested in upgrading your living room, guest room, or home office, contact your locally owned store! We offer free in-home consultations to create your perfect home. Call us today! 

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