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Our Top 4 Reasons You Should Invest In A Murphy Bed

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We’ve all considered buying a Murphy bed at one point. They are a fantastic bed option for someone who is having issues with their interior space feeling cramped. We want to help you feel comfortable with the space around your home. Read below for reasons why you should invest in a Murphy bed!

Multifunctional Rooms

If you are someone who has family and friends that live out of state and would like them to be able to stay with you when they visit but also want a space in your house for your hobbies, then a Murphy bed is perfect for you. Murphy beds fold into the wall, so when your guest isn’t staying with you, you can use the entire space for your hobby of choice! This can also work for someone who doesn’t want to entirely give up their home office space for a guest room. Pull out the bed at night for your guest to sleep and relax, and store it away in the morning for daytime space. This also allows your guest to have their own space instead of sleeping in the shared room on your couch!

Comfortable Bed

Oftentimes, Murphy beds are assumed to be uncomfortable, but that is not necessarily the case. Modern-day Murphy beds use the same quality mattress we all sleep on nightly. This gives you the option to choose from multiple kinds of mattresses before settling for the one you like the best. So, no more worrying about whether you or your guest will wake up sore and still tired.

Extra Storage

Even though Murphy beds already save you enough space around the house, they can also give you more storage. Murphy beds come with various drawers and shelving options, perfect for someone who needs extra space to store anything around the house. These extra drawers and shelves can also be a place where you put your guests’ towels or blankets when they come to spend the night.


Murphy beds come in a variety of customization options for anything you can think of. If you are someone who is looking to transform their home office into a dual guest room, More Space Place offers Murphy bed desk combos. These types of Murphy beds can be pulled down during the nighttime and then once put away, a desk is attached underneath the bed that can be used as soon as the bed is put away. No more having your work colleagues see your messy bed in the background of your meetings. At More Space Place, we have a variety of wood colors and designs for a Murphy bed that fits your space needs!

Are You Ready To Take Back Your Space?

At More Space Place, our experts are ready to help you pick the perfect Murphy bed for your household or apartment. Call today to schedule a free consultation.