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Flipping for the Murphy Bed

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For more than a century, sleepy people with no room to spare have turned to a unique piece of furniture. Here’s Serena Altschul:


Since the earliest days of moving pictures, the Murphy bed – you know, the disappearing kind – has played a starring role.

From Abbott and Costello . . . to 007 . . . and Laverne and Shirley.

Gene Kolakowski, who runs the Original Murphy Bed Company on Long Island, says nobody really gets stuck in them. “Only in Hollywood,” he laughed.

“There’s a lot of jokes about that. But, no, it’s impossible for the bed to go up. You have to put it away manually.”

The company’s been making the floor-mounted steel beds since it was started by William Lawrence Murphy in 1900 near San Francisco.

Family legend has it that Murphy was pursuing a young lady but dating rules back then wouldn’t let him bring her up to his one-room apartment.Read More »Flipping for the Murphy Bed