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Pantry Organization For the Modern Home

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Organized Closet Customization by More Space Place

Are you tired of searching for food in your pantry, only to find that it has gone bad? Have you purchased an item you think you don’t have, and then discovered it was just misplaced on the wrong shelf? These common pantry problems can easily be solved with the help of More Space Place and a customized pantry. Getting organized will prevent the waste of food, time, and money. Let us take you through some hacks to think about when designing your pantry.

Organized Closet Customization by More Space PlaceOrganize By Food Group

Keep everything grouped together by type of food. Have a shelf for all your breakfast foods, another for snacks, another for grab-and-go fruits, and so on. This way you’ll know exactly where everything will be and it will make unpacking groceries a lot easier. You may be thinking that organizing your entire pantry isn’t as easy as stacking cans and we agree with you! Bags of chips or loose granola bars are often inconvenient to store. Invest in bins to collect all of the items and airtight containers for foods that end up going stale before you can finish them. 

Pullout Baskets, Bins or Trays

When we have spots that are impossible to see or reach in our pantry, food often goes bad before we even remember we bought it. By installing tracked shelves or bins, you can pull the entire section towards you and never lose another item again. Also, consider corners. Avoid awkward corners by using a lazy Susan for spices, teas, condiments, or other small items. Use removable bins or trays to collect items you’ll use all at once. For example, keep all your baking essentials together or a collection of items you use for your most-used recipe.

Spice Racks and Wine RacksSpice Racks and Wine Shelves

If you haven’t invested in these already, make sure they are included in your custom pantry design. Spice jars and wine bottles don’t run cheap so avoid doubling up by having a clear organizational system in place. Organizing spices can be as easy as including a drawer insert or you could go for a modern approach by using magnetic racks and jars for a visually appealing option. If you’re going to be keeping your wine in your pantry, ensure that the space doesn’t warm up too much. Otherwise, you can install a temperature-controlled fridge.

Assembly Line

If you like to pack similar snacks every day for school or work, organize the shelves in an assembly line fashion. Go down the line and grab one of each item you need. Use bins or long trays to corral items. If you have kids, this is a great way to get them involved. They can choose which flavors they want while still choosing healthy snacks you’ve pre-selected.

When More Space Place designs your custom pantry, it will be catered to your needs and complements the way you use your kitchen. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation to get started.