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Pinning Your Way to Home Organization

more space place pinterest

We are home organization junkies. We admit it. At More Space Place we’re consumed with making the most of your space.  And not just in our showrooms. We’re addicted to using Pinterest to help you get organized.

Pinterest helps us keep all of our space-saving solutions in one place.. On our boards, we pin everything from pictures of perfectly organized Closet Systems to Housecleaning Tips that help save you time and money.

more space place carrie bradshawHave Some Home Organization Fun

Pin it. Repin it. Repeat. If you’re new to Pinterest, pinning allows you to upload photos and images from websites and blogs to your boards. And the “repin” allows users to share interesting and funny content from other pinner’s boards.

You can pin while watching TV. You can pin from your smartphone or tablet while you’re waiting for your kids to get home from school. You can even pin from the bathroom… not that we recommend that! The bottom line: anyone who thinks home organization isn’t fun, isn’t using Pinterest.

Create Clutter-Free Closet Systems

In the words of the infamous fictitious fashionista Carrie Bradshaw, “I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.”

Sex And the City’s characters definitely could have benefited from custom closet sytems by More Space Place. What accessory-loving woman wouldn’t love seeing her shoes and purses beautifully displayed instead of having to dig through the closet every time she gets ready for work?

Our Closet Systems offer flexibility with modular components designed to maximize storage space and save time. More Space Place helps you make sure everything is within sight and reach in a style that complements any room in your home.

more space place make you laughTips to Keeping a Clean Home

Once you’re organized, you can focus on keeping the home clean with some of these tips we’ve pinned that are also guaranteed to save you money. Did you know toothpaste works like a charm to remove permanent marker from wood floors, wood dining tables and walls? Or that you could grab a lemon from the fridge to clean the film off of shower fixtures.

White distilled vinegar is also a great household cleanser, because it’s effective for killing most mold, bacteria and germs. You’ll be happy to know that avoiding the use of harsh chemicals is also environmentally friendly. And, it can save you money, too!

And then there are things that just make you laugh. After all, who doesn’t dream of having a clean home?