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Prep For Back-To-School With These End Of Summer Projects

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highlighted back to school calendar day
highlighted back to school calendar day

The switch between summer and fall happens swiftly and often leaves limited time to get settled for a new academic year. Between parent-teacher meetings, school supply shopping, and meal prepping, the start of a new school year can get a little hectic. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with where to start, you can count on More Space Place for help! Start your child’s school year off on the right foot. We’ll take care of the organizational aspect so that you and your child can get revved up for classes.  

Make Way for Fall  

Walk through your home to get an idea of summer items and décor that will need to be stowed away in garage, basement, or attic storage. Replace items and give yourself ample time to get everything done. The transition between seasons is also a great opportunity to declutter unused stuff. Noticing that your garage is getting a little cluttered? Let us help renovate your garage storage! 

Look Good and Feel Good 

Remove clothing your child has outgrown to make room for their new look. Organize their fall wardrobe by making their favorite outfits easier to access. Our team can help create the ultimate custom closet for you and your family. More importantly than their outfit of the day, getting a good night’s rest will help them feel good on the inside too. Looking to save on space? Why not opt for a new Murphy bed especially made for your child or teen? 

Ace Assignments from Home 

custom office and murphy bed for teenagers

Give your child the tools they need to succeed. They will need a quiet and dedicated space to join class, complete homework, projects, and reading assignments. In order to make the grade, organization is key. Keeping folders and bins color coded is a fun and easy way to keep supplies in order. We specialize in custom home office furniture and can incorporate a small study space for your child or teen.  

An Apple a Day 

Now is the time to fully stock your kitchen pantry with plenty of staples and healthy snacking options for your child. Food is fuel. Consider placing nutrient rich foods at eye-level while keeping sugary options out of sight and out of reach.

Kick Off a Great Year Ahead, Today! 

The sooner you get organized for the school year the better. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE consultation. See for yourself why parents love working with the expert teams at More Space Place. We make storage solutions easy and fun!

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