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Put Up Your Sledgehammer and Pull Down A Murphy Bed!

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Remodeling isn't fun, but a Murphy Bed is!

If you’re dreaming (or actually planning) to knock down walls, add more space to your master bedroom or give your guestroom multipurpose, don’t break out that sledgehammer yet! More Space Place has just what you need to transform your dreams into a reality without major renovations.

The average size of an American bedroom varies based on several factors such as location or the year the house was built. Let’s say you have a 10’ x 13’ room. A queen-size bed is approximately 5’ x 7’ and quickly eats up a tremendous amount of space in such a small room! Instead of knocking out walls or adding on to your existing home, why not go the less-expensive, less-messy and less-tasking route and buy a Murphy bed wall system?

Our queen-sized Dreamsaver bed only occupies wall space during the day, not floor space. In the closed position, it has a footprint of approximately 16″ x 8′. The Dreamsaver also includes side cabinets for added storage. The best part about a Dreamsaver or any other More Space Place Murphy beds is that when you don’t need the bed, you can push it back up and store it vertically, nearly giving you the entire 10′ by 13′ to do LOTS of activities!

More Space Place Wall Bed Dreamsaver
Many older homes were built with low ceilings which make rooms even more cramped! Before you decide to raise the roof, consider our Cosmopolitan Bed! Standing at less than 6 feet tall, our Cosmopolitan Bed is specifically designed to give you the head room you need.  This modern, horizontal panel bed is available in Twin, Twin Extra-Long, Full and Queen sizes to adjust to your needs.More Space Place Cosmopolitan Panel Bed
All of our wall bed systems are available in a large variety of styles and finishes and are completely customizable to rescue you from your remodeling budgetary restraints. Call us today, and we’ll send a designer over for a free in-home consultation.

Think of all the things your family could do with the extra space. Make more room for living – no sledgehammer required!