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Reading Rooms For The Modern Home

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A home reading room with white bookshelves

Between all the distractions, difficulties, and duties of modern life, do you miss the simpler times? Childhood- where nothing was better than diving into a book and wiling away a cloudy day. Remember what it was like to sit down, crack open a book, and be transported to a different world? Recapture that magic with a reading room perfect for the modern home.

A home reading room with white bookshelves


Eye strain can make reading difficult. A key component of a comfortable reading space is ensuring you have plenty of light. Opt for soft, warm light over harsh industrial lighting to give your eyes a rest.  

On the other hand, make sure natural light doesn’t fall on your bookshelves. UV light can harm hardcovers and cloth-bound books.


Though you don’t have to rack your brain trying to remember the Dewey Decimal System, organizing your books will help you find what you’re looking for each time you go to the shelves. Consider separating fiction and nonfiction for larger collections, breaking out subcategories and genres, or alphabetizing by author to help pinpoint locations of treasured tomes. More Space Place can design custom bookshelves to fit your space and your organization scheme so you can proudly display your books.

A brown bookshelf Murphy wall bed

Dual purpose space

Spare room can be difficult to find in the home, so you don’t want to waste an inch. Turn your personal library into a guest room with a Murphy bed. With sizes from Twin to King and everything in between, a wall bed is a convenient solution to let you have the reading nook of your dreams while making room for guests to stay comfortable. We offer a variety of bookcase beds that transform from stylish shelving to cozy sleepers to fit any room.


Whether you prefer a recliner, rocking chair, or reading desk, make sure that it’s comfortable and ergonomic. The last thing you need in the middle of a gripping book is a kink in your neck or a sore lower back from your chair. Consider a matching chair and footstool to put your feet up and take a load off. For studious research libraries, custom desks are an excellent option for a traditional workspace designed to fit your home and your needs.

Whether you’re just starting a collection or you’ve got piles of books lying around, we’re ready to help. Speak with a local More Space Place designer today to get started on your project and learn more about library storage options for your home.

Photos: Top ©CarlaNichiata, Bottom © More Space Place