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Reimagining Your Garage For The New Year

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Garage Storage System

If things were simple, the garage would be a space to house a car and nothing else. But that’s not the world we live in. Things get messy! Stuff accumulates. And rather than fantasizing about throwing it all away in the name of minimalism, you should know there are ways to store the things you need in a manner that’s organized, fully functional, and always looking good.


We often blame the piles of stuff sitting in the garage for the overall state of the room, but it might just be that your garage just isn’t designed for your use. With a little forethought, your garage could be a room you love as much as any other in your home. Ask yourself: what purpose should this room serve? Would I like to be able to park here someday? Is it a craftsman’s area or workshop space? Is it mainly a sports storage room? Whatever the honest answer is, you might as well embrace it set it up to serve that purpose the best it can.


A slat board shelving system is an inspired way to house all of your workshop or garage items with style. Our shelving systems are customizable, offering a huge variety of accessories such as baskets, hooks, shelves, and storage racks to help you build your dream garage.

Wall cabinets

No matter how organized you are, not every item you own should be on display. Wall cabinets are the perfect place to tuck away anything unpleasing to the eye. After all, the garage will often take the bulk of items we know will have some use to us but we would rather not have to look at every day. Your garage might act as a storage unit in some ways, but it doesn’t have to look like one.

A Quality Workspace

If you spend a long time in the garage, you deserve a workspace built to suit your needs. Here at More Space Place, we offer a variety of workbenches at a standing height or a comfortable seated position, so you can work in whatever way suits you.

Whether you hope to optimize your space and store more, or you dream of cutting back on the clutter, we’ve got a solution for you. Find a showroom near you and call today for a free consultation with our experts at More Space Place!

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