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Your Room-by-Room Guide to Victory This Holiday Season

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Party hosting, decorating, family visits, big meals—the holidays can be quite the whirlwind for your home! But sometimes keeping up with everything on your to-do list during this season can be stressful when your house is disorganized and cluttered. If a lack of space and order are making your space less efficient than it can be, we’re here to help! Here’s how to holiday-proof every room in your house to make this year the breeziest one yet.


Finding space for all your guests can be a challenge during the holidays, and let’s face it, no one wants to sleep on the couch. With a Murphy bed, you can turn any room into a guestroom, and give your friends and family a truly comfortable place to sleep. These beds close up into the wall, so they only take up space when they’re being used and they make tidying up a quick task.

Living room

If your family celebrates Christmas, it’s probably a chore every year to make room for a tree in your living room. With a custom entertainment and shelving center, you can ensure that you won’t have to struggle re-arranging things like your TV, stereo, or DVD storage. With all of your devices and entertainment materials flush against the wall in an organized manner, you’ll find that you have more floor space for decorations or even just hosting family members.


This time of year usually involves a lot of cooking and baking. From big family potlucks to decorating cookies with the kids—your kitchen is sure to be a busy place. If you’re worried about staying on top of it all and fitting an expanding grocery list in your pantry, then some custom-designed pantry storage should be on your wish list! Personalized to fit your unique space and needs, you can make sure you never have to dig through the back of your cabinets for those ingredients you only use once a year. Plus, you’ll avoid an unsightly clutter of groceries on your countertops because you ran out of pantry space.

Kids’ bedrooms

Are your kid’s rooms usually the messiest to clean before the holidays? Do they always seem to lose the nice shirt you wanted them to wear for pictures? No more! Adding a custom closet to your child’s room keeps all their clothes (and even toys!) organized, giving everything a designated place. This makes it easy for your kids to keep their rooms clean and dress to impress this holiday season.


Keep all your decorations in one spot with a custom organized storage solution. You’ll always know where everything is and there’s no risk of favorite treasures being damaged because of a messy space. Even better is how easy this storage will make taking everything down after the holidays so you’re never that family with decorations still up in February!

Get started today!

With a streamlined home, all your holiday goals are within reach. Visit a More Space Place showroom near you and talk to our expert design team today to make it happen!

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