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Shared Home Office Space

more space place shared office

more space place shared office

Is there anything trickier than two busy professionals sharing a home office space? Luckily, the organization experts at More Space Place can find a solution. How do you manage to keep a home office that works for two people? We have some ideas, so let’s get down to the business of sharing a home office space with three of our favorite things: efficiency, cleanliness, and order.

The Double Desk

In a shared office space, the greatest difficulties typically arise with overlapping work hours. If you and your office mate need to use the office simultaneously, we recommend a double desk. Rather than a desk that places its workers facing the wall, as many home offices do, More Space Place recommends a desk that extends from the wall with seating on both sides. This way, both you and your office mate can set up shop together, focusing on your own projects. The size of the desk is up to you, but for workloads that require extensive physical resources, it may be best to keep a modest desk size and use a few pullout drawers.

Alternatively, with a long desk that runs along the wall, you can sit side by side with your home office mate and work at your own portion of the desk. With a long-enough wall and large enough space, this can minimize clutter issues and prevent one person from impeding on the other’s territory.

The Pullout Drawers

For a shared office, if desk clutter does become an issue, consider pullout drawers installed into either the walls or a cabinet along the wall. One set of drawers can be for your files and other items, and one side can be for your office mate. Instead of cabinets or extra desks, the wall-installed pullout drawers will save more space, which any shared space can always use.

more space place shared office

Visual Quiet

In a shared office, it is also important to craft a soothing space that isn’t cluttered visually so you can focus on your work. Loud decorative elements or colorful desks can be as distracting as a messy stack of papers, so be sure to opt for something a little sleeker. Simple wood or glass desks with basic shapes may be a good alternative to intricate desk designs. That said, adding some art to the walls and simple décor will help you enjoy your space more and be more productive.

Maximize Your Space

Additionally, if you would like to truly maximize the shared-space effect of your home office, consider a murphy bed! Unless you plan on doing a great deal of work in your home office while guests stay with you, a Murphy bed is a great way to turn your workspace into a guest bedroom without adding bulky furniture to your office.

Share Your Office Dreams With Us!

You name your space and organizational needs, and we will meet them. More Space Place offers free in-home consultations for anyone looking to maximize their space and bring their home to that wonderful junction of beauty and organization. Contact your local store today and take your home office to the next level.

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