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Simple Organizing Solutions for Your Home Office, Hobby Room and Closet

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MSP_organize_your_life400x500We know how unorganized life can become. Whether your home is filled with children, grandchildren or you simply have a busy schedule, devoting just a small amount of time to being organized each week can actually save you time and frustration.

It’s likely that your closet, home office and hobby room play a major role in your daily, organizing frustration. That’s why we create furniture designed specifically for each of these areas. When we design a piece for you, we take into consideration your unique inventory of items and your organization good and bad habits.

Everything has its place! That’s the golden rule of staying organized. Here is a list of simple ways to keep everything in its place and organize your life:

In your closet,
· designate a place for belts, neck ties, shoes, dresses, pants and tops. Commit to putting things back in their designated areas!
· Once your laundry comes out of the dryer fold it or hang it up immediately! Although it is tempting to toss the pile on the bed and continue watching House Hunters International, you must commit to doing the laundry all the way through to the end!

In your hobby room,

· use drawers, shoe boxes or other storage containers to categories and group your supplies together. For instance, adhesives go together like tape, glue, hot glue, etc.
· When you’re finished with your project – even if it is only half way complete – put everything back where it goes. As busy as you are, who knows when you’ll be able to get back to it!

In your home office,
· Take a moment to think about what you use on a regular basis and organize your office supplies and files so that the most-often used items are in the most convenient places – in the front inside drawers, eye level in cabinets and on your desktop.
· Before you leave the room, is everything back in its place?

How our furniture can help:

Home Office: Whether you work from home or simply like a quiet place to pay bills and keep up with the family finances, More Space Place can help you design the perfect home office for your needs. Our home offices feature cabinet and drawer systems with adjustable shelving, drawer inserts and more to help you organize your life. It’s time to get rid of that bulky, metal filing cabinet and start keeping your important documents filed away neatly and hidden within the drawers of your custom home office.

In addition to having a stylish, productive place to work, you can also add a panel wall bed system to your home office. This extra sleeping space is perfect for guests, kids’ sleepovers or for when your husband’s in the “dog house”.

Hobby Room: With Pinterest slowly (or quickly) inspiring women everywhere to DIY, it’s important to assign a room to store craft supplies! Whether you’re a sewer or a painter, custom hobby room furniture from More Space Place can help you have the storage and organization that you need!

Our hobby room furniture can be customized with useful cabinets, drawers, inserts and more to help you keep everything in its place. You don’t have to give up your guest bedroom to get your perfect hobby room space either. More Space Place can install a comfy and stylish panel wall bed system into your hobby room that stores vertically – out of sight and out of mind until you need it.

Custom Closet Solutions: For many people, one of the biggest stressors can be simply trying to pick out an outfit. Your closet shouldn’t be so shoved and disheveled that you can’t find your clothes. Custom closet solutions from More Space Place actually highlight your wardrobe and make finding the perfect outfit a breeze. Click here to read more about what our custom closet systems can do for you!