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Solutions for Every Problem in Your Closet

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Closet Accessory Storage
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A disorganized closet can be the result of many factors that may not be limited to a lack of space. When trying to solve this problem area in your home, it is important to think about how you’ll get organized. Think about the way you are storing your items, not just if you have the room for them. Pants, for example, can be organized in many different ways such as hanging, folded in drawers, or even in pull out bins to hide a cluttered appearance! Here, we’re breaking down creative solutions to the most common problems you may be dealing with in your closet, for a truly organized space.

No room for hanging items

This is one of the most common issues that people with disorganized closets have. If you feel like you never have enough room for your hanging items, one solution is to stack two hanging rods on top of each other, splitting the closet in half. This is especially great for reach-in closets where you do not have much width to your closet. You will be able to double your hanging area without having to expand your closet at all! And for those longer items such as dress coats or long skirts, you can leave a smaller section without the second bar, giving you variety both when organizing and visual design.

Closet Accessory Storage

Cluttered shoes

Another common problem for closets are cluttered piles of shoes. Without proper organization, you could be dealing with a mass of shoes that don’t have a matching pair, become flattened and disheveled, and make mornings a nightmare. If this sounds like you, we suggest using a shoe cubby system, which will allow you to keep your shoes together and make your closet a hassle-free oasis.

Accessories get shoved to the back

If you find yourself having to dig through a dark closet every day to find belts, bags, or hats you need to re-think how you’re organizing this area of your space. We recommend implementing hooks so that you can keep these items handy right at the front of your closet. To improve things even further, you can install some soft lighting to highlight your accessories and make finding things even easier.

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