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Space Saving Storage for Your Halloween Decorations

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3851477206_797bc88855_zNow that Halloween is over, it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving! But before you even think about pulling out those turkey decorations, you first have to pack up all your spooky stuff from last month. It can be difficult to find space for all your holiday decorations, especially in this season, when Thanksgiving follows so soon after Halloween, and right after that is Christmas and New Year. But while you may be still recovering from your candy coma, before you’re Thanksgiving feast you’ll have to find room for everything. That’s why More Space Place of North Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach has these excellent space saving tips to ensure your holiday decorations are stored safely and out of the way.

Store decorations Chronologically by Holiday

One of the easiest ways to keep track of where things go is to store them in the order that you need them. Throwing all your holiday decorations together in one bin is a sure fire way to lose track of what you have, and will make finding what you want when the season comes a huge ordeal. After taking down the Christmas lights it might be tempting to simply throw them in the holiday bin, but then you’ll have to spend all of Easter untangling your Easter baskets from the light strands. Have a separate bin for each holiday, and stack them in order so that the next bin you’ll need is always on top. After you’ve packed up your Halloween decorations, store the bin at the bottom, and by the time next year rolls around, if you’ve been diligent in your rotations, the Halloween bin will be waiting for you at the top.

Label Everything

Keeping track of your stuff is immensely easier if you simply make use of labels. It can be as simple as labeling your holiday bins. Having a simple bin labeled “Halloween” will make it much easier to find and store things than having to rummage around through memory boxes and off-season clothes in search of the unlabeled tub that stores your decorations. And if you invest in a label maker you won’t have to waste time trying to decipher a half-smudged scribble you made a year ago next Halloween.

Discard What You Don’t Need

While holiday decorations tend to gather a lot of sentimental value due to their associations with happy times with family, if you have too much stuff that only sits and collects dust for the majority of the year then you’re not making good use of your space. You don’t have to throw out all your happy memories to de-clutter, but if you don’t use it, seriously consider donating it or getting rid of it. It’ll save you space for disposable decorations, like fresh pumpkins on Halloween, or cornucopias at Thanksgiving.

Use Storage Containers in Holiday Colors

This is a nice shorthand replacement for labeling. While we still think labeling is an excellent thing to do, having a quick visual reminder will contribute to your time saving organization. Use orange and black bins for Halloween decorations. Store your Christmas ornaments in green and red containers. Put Easter décor in pastel packaging. This way you simply have to glance to see where a certain holiday’s decorations are.

With these tips we hope that storing and organizing your holiday decorations is now less of a headache. For more storage and organization ideas, visit More Space Place of North Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach today!