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Space Saving Tricks for Your Wardrobe

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Maybe a renovation isn’t in your budget this year, so we’re going to tell you how to get the most of your closet and bedroom, whether big and spacious or nice and cozy! Use the tips below to save space.



Maximize your drawer space. If your drawer space is limited, use old shoe boxes to organize your clothes. For intimates, use small boxes to separate your socks and underwear. This will save you time when searching for what you need and will allow you to fit more in one drawer without cramming everything in together. You may also want to consider separators for your drawers with larger clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatpants or jeans. You will be surprised just how much space is in each drawer when you begin to organize and utilize the space.


shoe rack

Hang your shoes. You may not realize it but your shoes might be taking up a lot of valuable space. Save this space by hanging your shoes in a plastic shoe rack on the back of your door. This helpful rack will not only get your shoes off the floor, that may not always be clean, but it will also organize your shoes and make them easily accessible when you need to grab them quickly.




De-clutter your closet. Every closet has space saving potential-no matter the size. Do not let the layout of your closet stand in your way. For belt, scarf and purse storage, hang baskets in your closet to use your vertical space. This will give you easy access to these accessories and give them each a place to live when they are not being used. It is also beneficial to use the top and bottom shelves of your closet. These areas are great for storing items that are used less often such as luggage or out of season clothing.


If you’re looking to customize your closet, give one of our organization specialist at More Space Place a call today. We will design a closet to fit your wardrobe instead of trying to fit your wardrobe into your closet.